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About Senior Relocation and Real Estate Services

    As people age, they often become overly attached to their homes and even though there may be compelling reasons to find other living arrangements, these folks will go to extreme lengths to remain in their homes.

    Notwithstanding the affection for their dwellings, there is oftentimes undeniable pressure for seniors to move out and into a different living arrangement. Consider the following:

    - The challenge of maintaining a yard and providing upkeep has become too great.
    - There is a need for long term care that can't be handled in the home.
    - The older person needs supervision that can't be provided in the home.
    - The neighborhood has deteriorated and safety is a concern.
    - There is a desire to be near children or grandchildren (70% of those 65+ live within 1 hour of a child).
    - The home cannot accommodate disability needs. There is a need to avoid climbing stairs.

    - Assets are tied up in the home and cash is needed through selling the property.

    - Driving is no longer possible and available local transportation is not adequate.

    - There is a desire for a warmer climate, a yearning for new vistas or a need for challenging new experiences.

    Typically, the thought of giving up their residence, finding new accommodations, downsizing personal possessions and executing the move can seem overwhelming to many older people.

    Perhaps another obstacle for many seniors, contemplating a move, is the lack of support or help from family members. In fact, some seniors have no children. For others, the children are living far away or are extremely busy with their jobs or their own families. And in some cases -- because people are living so long -- the children are elderly as well and find it difficult to help with the move.

    This overwhelming pressure and stress relating to moving can often result in gridlock -- a failure to make any decision at all.

    Because many elderly people face such a daunting task with moving, a growing number of seniors relocation specialists are stepping forward to provide assistance. These individuals or companies provide or arrange for the following services:

    - advice and counseling,
    - help with finding new accommodations,
    - downsizing possessions through personal,
    - caring assistance with discarding,
    - donating or arranging estate sales,
    - selling the existing property,
    - organizing, arranging and scheduling the move,
    - unpacking at the new location and removing boxes and other debris,
    - setting up and arranging furniture.

    And it isn't just the elderly person, contemplating a move, who is hiring these specialists. Active senior communities, independent living facilities, nursing homes and assisted living often retain a relocation specialist to provide advice and arrange services to help seniors with a move. Family members of seniors have also found it more convenient to hire a specialist to help their loved ones with relocation.

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